Free or Low Cost Medical Help and Other Assistance

First Call For Help (a referral program)

Assorted Agencies

Subsidy and support programs for payment of medical prescription cost

Telephone Contacts: Financial Assistance with Drug and Care Costs

Acorda (Zanaflex): (800) 464-0097
Astra Zenica
Cephalon (Provigil): (800) 675-8415
GlaxoSmithKline (Wellbutrin): (866) 728-4368
Medtronic (Baclofen): (800) 999-6673
Novartis (Tegretol) (800) 257-3273
Pfizer (Nerontin, Zolof) (800) 707-8990
Phizer see also – 1-866-776-3700
Questor (Acthar gel steroid): (888) 435-2284
Roche (Klonopin): (800) 285-4484

The Commonwealth Fund: (212) 606-3800
Johnson Ortho Patient Assistance Foundation: (800) 652-6277
The Medicine Program (800) 921-0072
NeedyMeds: (978) 865-4115 [Website above]

National Organization of Rare Disorders (NORD): (203) 744-0100
N.O.R.D. Co-Pay Assistance (800) 634-7207
N.O.R.D. Medicare Co-Pay Help: (866) 924-0100

Partnership For Prescription Assistance: (888) 477-2669
Wellness 2 Wellness: (866) 317-2775

The Access Project – (800) 367-2437
Alternative Funding Group (866) 426-2906
Bridges to Access (866) 728-4368
Chronic Disease Fund – (877) 968-7233
Eye Care America – (415) 561-8518
HealthWell Foundation – (800) 675-8416
FamilyWize – (800) 222-2818
Patient Access Network (866) 316-7261

Rx Council (866) 794-3571 Together
RX Access, LLC: (800) 444-4106
Rx Outreach (800) 769-3880
Rx Assist – (401) 729-3284 [Website Above]
RX Hope – (732) 507-7400

Original Credit: Shiela Wall on “Living With TN”, a patient-centered website for facial pain discussions

Links to help with Disabilities.

Sources of Free or Low-Cost Food and Nutrition Materials

Volunteers in Health Care staff have prepared the following list of links useful to those serving the uninsured.

Insurance for children

Patient assistance programs

Habitat for Humanity


Food Banks in the United States

Energy Assistance: Home Heating and Cooling

Free or Low-cost Medical/Dental Care

Financial Help to Pay for Home Heating and Cooling

Job Opportunities for Low-income People

Medicaid – The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Resources to Help Children and Families

State TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)

Touched Twice provides free clinics and more to the less fortunate. Many of the
clinics provide free food, clothing, dental and medical care, free
haircuts, free legal, financial and spiritual advice. free clinics
located in the US.

Listing Of Free Clinics

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